Cell Phone Clips and Compensation: How Video Footage can Help Your Case

When you’re demonstrating that you’ve been the victim of an accident and need help, you may find that a picture illustrating your injuries is worth a thousand words.

If that’s true, then a video is worth a million.

One of the worst-case scenarios in a worker’s compensation case is when the employer tries to argue that your injury is illegitimate—or that it didn’t actually happen on the job.

Video can help disprove both of those statements.

Time to Hit Record: Taking Video Footage for Worker’s Comp Cases

If you have clips you can show that clearly demonstrate that you’re hurt, that your workplace does not have proper protections in place for your safety, or even footage of or shortly after your accident, that content is valuable evidence.

Later, those clips will make it much harder to argue that work-related injuries or suffering didn’t happen. However, obtaining and managing that video can be harder than you might think.

Here are some practical tips:

  • Familiarize yourself now with the way your camera works. It’s the twenty-first century; each of us has a video recorder in our pockets. That won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it or your recording app is inaccessible. Even if you believe you know it well, take a moment to review the steps between unlocking your phone and pressing ‘record.’ In the heat of the moment, this will be more difficult than you expect.
  • Try not to talk over the footage you’re collecting. You can explain what’s happening later; instead, allow your camera to record high-quality footage that will be easy to review.
  • Be aware of the events that are worth recording. Accident aftermath, hazardous working conditions, or any activities clearly showing your work injury are great examples.
  • Review the procedures for saving and locating footage. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve taken a crucial clip on your phone, then going to retrieve it and realizing you must have deleted it. Once you’ve taken a clip, be sure to save it to your camera roll, back it up, and even name it to make it easier to find later.

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