How Poor Training at Work Can Cause Injuries

Poorly trained employees can create a dangerous work environment and increase the chances of a workplace injury occurring. Despite this reality, some employers decline to providing formal safety training to their employees, believing it unnecessary or in a misguided attempt to save time and money.

When should employees receive safety training in California?

The California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973 (Cal/OSHA) obligates every employer to provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace for employees–including providing employees with proper injury and illness prevention training. Among other things, Cal/OSHA mandates that employers must provide such training:

  • to all employees after the company creates an injury and illness prevention plan
  • to all supervisors to ensure that they’re familiar with the injury and illness prevention plan
  • to employees given new job assignments requiring training
  • whenever new substances, processes, procedures, or equipment are introduced to the workplace and present a new hazard
  • whenever the employer or supervisor becomes aware of new or previously unrecognized hazard is introduced

What kind of injuries can occur without proper training?

A broad span of injuries can occur due to inadequate training, from minor to life-threatening. The following four injuries are among the most common:

Traumatic Injuries

A traumatic injury refers to severe physical injuries of sudden onset and severity which require immediate medical attention. A traumatic injury can occur in a range of circumstances in the workplace, from when an object that hasn’t been adequately secured falls and strikes a worker to when an untrained worker operating or near heavy machinery is hit, crushed, mangled, or otherwise injured by the equipment.

Trauma injuries can be grave, disabling, and expensive. Treating such injuries often requires costly medical tests, medications, and lengthy physical rehabilitation. In some cases, the seriousness of the injuries prevents the employee from performing their former job.

Cuts and lacerations

Cuts, lacerations, and punctures are among the most common injuries in the workplace. These injuries are often due to poor training, failure to follow safety protocols, or improper use of protective equipment.

Muscle strains and tears

Workers required to lift heavy equipment or products should have proper training on safe lifting techniques. Without proper training, employees are at higher risk of suffering painful muscle strains and tears that could result in expensive medical bills, ongoing pain and disability, and several weeks or even months of missed work.

Repetitive stress injury

Repetitive stress injury (RSI) refers to the pain, numbness, reduced strength that can arise in muscles, nerves, and tendons due to repetitive movements and overuse. Although RSIs are usually associated with people who work on computers, these injuries can arise in any number of jobs, including grocery clerks, janitors, nurses, and delivery workers, among others. Employees at high risk of suffering an RSI on the job should be trained in techniques to avoid such injuries.

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