Injured by a Computer or Electronic Device at Work: Can You Receive Compensation?

As we move further into the digital age, our jobs are increasingly tech-centric. No matter what field you work in, there’s a good chance that a large portion of your workday relies upon or interacts with computers or other electronic devices.

It’s easy to believe or hope that this trend has or will result in fewer workplace injuries. However, it is possible to sustain work-related pain and suffering due to a computer injury. In fact, these types of injuries can be even more insidious, as the injury tends to take place over time.

What are common computer or electronic device injuries?

One of the difficulties associated with workers’ comp claims related to technology injuries is the subtlety of those injuries. It’s important to know what to look out for. It’s also key to realize that excessive computer use can also exacerbate existing injuries.

The most frequently occurring electronic device and computer injuries are:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries. Computer overuse can be associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for many hours at a time without breaks to move your muscles can impact your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. Injuries can start as a mild pull or strain but become much more serious over time. These types of injuries commonly impact a worker’s neck, shoulders, and back. Examples of these injuries include tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tension neck syndrome.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. This deserves its own mention because it represents the single most common injury resulting from computer overuse. It is also the basis for many workers’ compensation claims. Carpal tunnel happens with a large nerve in a worker’s hand gets pinched after hours of typing. Sometimes, taking breaks and rotating your wrists can help alleviate this type of pressure. However, the typical workload that an office worker faces is not always conducive to frequent breaks.
  • Device vision syndrome. This extends to computers and other electronic devices with screens. After computer overuse, a worker can experience blurred vision, red eyes, dry eyes, irritated eyes, migraines, headaches, and more. This happens because technological screens reduce how often we blink—which is bad for our eyes. Like muscle strains, this can start small and get much worse over time.

You’ll need to assess many different factors before filing your claim due to a device-related injury. For example, you should consider the normal amount of time you spend working on your computer or use your device according to your employer’s specific demands. These types of nuanced considerations will be easier to navigate with the help of a professional.

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Injuries from technological equipment at work can easily result in long-term suffering. Filing a workers’ compensation claim to document the injury can also be difficult. If you’re having issues with your claim or your claim has been denied, reach out to Tarzana professionals to get the support you need. You’ll better understand the options you have before you and work towards a successful outcome.

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