Knee and Joint Problems

Work-related knee and joint problems: While they may not be as dramatic as other injuries, the insidious, slow-working nature of many strains and leg pains can be devastatingly severe. Unfortunately, their subtle onset can pose an issue: Proving that your workplace was responsible for these problems can be difficult.

Seeking the expertise of experienced Southern California workers’ compensation attorneys can help you get the resources you need to move past this incident.

What Are Work-Related Joint and Knee Injuries?

While knee and joint problems can happen due to a traumatic accident, they’re usually associated with longstanding stress. Performing the same movements, over and over, year after year—this takes a toll on your body.

Particularly if the motions your job requires are taxing, compounded with heavy loads, or extremely repetitive, your joints will feel the repercussions. The cartilage protecting your joints will wear down over time, exposing sensitive nerve endings and leaving your bones vulnerable to more severe damage.

Common Consequences of Tarzana Workplace Joint and Knee Problems

Healing and recovery for these types of issues can vary widely. As there may be no particular precipitating emergency or event, you may need to seek medical care independently. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and recommend treatment or therapy.

Many knee and joint problems are sprains or strains to the underlying muscles, ligaments, and tendons. In more serious cases, these can include fractures and torn cartilage.

Your doctor may recommend the following actions while you heal:

  • Resting
  • Keeping weight off the affected body part
  • Elevating your knee or joint to help reduce swelling
  • Using hot and cool compresses
  • Compression dressings
  • Whirlpool treatment

Even though it may seem like you’re convalescing quickly, it’s important to remember that knee and joint problems can be tricky and invisible. If your doctor recommends staying at home, you should listen to that.

This may result in partial wages or lost wages entirely.

Get Compensated for Your Work-Related Knee and Joint Problems

Insurance companies will be exceedingly artful when it comes to knee and joint issues as they argue against your case. They will attempt to prove that any active lifestyle would have given you similar problems—or that the pain you feel is simply a result of age.

Perhaps you can argue your own case before shrewd, motivated insurance agents. That doesn’t mean that you should. The expert workers’ compensation attorneys at Accident Defenders will know precisely how to gather the evidence to support your claim. Between medical records, testimonials from your fellow employees, and analysis of conditions at your workplace, we can help you work towards the compensation you need.

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