The Long-Term Impact of Workplace TBIs

Traumatic brain injuries are an unfortunately common workplace injury. They occur any time a person’s brain hits the inside of their skull. Even the most minor of concussions can forever change a person’s mental and physical health. That’s why it’s important to seek medical attention – and potentially legal representation – when they occur at work.

As a society, we’ve only recently begun giving TBIs the attention they deserve. Decades ago, young athletes were encouraged to shake off their injuries after “getting their bell rung.” Now, we know the lifelong implications TBIs can have on a person. If you’ve suffered such an injury at work, it’s important to take action and seek immediate medical treatment.

How Workplace TBIs Happen

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of TBI. Falls from great heights, equipment malfunctions, and blows to the head from falling objects can lead to brain injuries. No one profession is immune from such accidents. No matter what type of incident occurred, a timely diagnosis of TBI can help you get the necessary treatment for your injury. Workers’ compensation benefits can cover medical expenses and income replacement should your doctor suggest waiting to return to work.

Initial Symptoms

Immediately following a traumatic brain injury, a person may experience headaches, nausea, loss of consciousness, dizziness, mood swings, and confusion. It’s important to seek medical attention if you suspect a brain injury may have occurred. Only a doctor can diagnose a brain injury, and documenting the incident can help you build a TBI workers’ comp case.

TBI symptoms may continue to worsen over the days and weeks following an accident. If you’re experiencing persistent headaches, slurred speech, or trouble sleeping, additional medical attention may be necessary.

Long Term Implications

Many TBI symptoms ease over time. In moderate to severe cases, however, a person may experience TBI symptoms indefinitely. Permanent disabilities are possible following serious brain injuries. Some people experience challenges in writing and speaking. Others struggle to process information and may have trouble focusing. Memory lapses are common in people with TBI, as are chronic headaches and a loss of balance.

The Representation You Deserve

It’s clear: workplace TBIs can forever change the way a person lives and works. Without qualified legal representation, you might never see the benefits you deserve after a workplace accident. Secure your future by partnering with an experienced workers’ comp team.

The Accident Defenders will work tirelessly to analyze your accident, medical records, and damages to hold the at-fault party responsible. The insurance company will do anything in their power to deny a claim, but with our powerful advocacy on your side, you’re sure to secure the compensation you’re owed.

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