Vision loss

Vision loss can be a frightening thing. Injuries to the eye, of any degree of severity, can have significant implications for your working life and future. If you have experienced vision loss through no fault of your own because of an accident at work, you could have the right to compensation.

Vision Loss and Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Workplace eye injuries are most commonly caused by flying debris, grit, and dust. These are particular hazards for employees in manufacturing workshops with improper protective equipment. Other at-risk employees include those in workplaces exposed to toxic chemicals or intense light. Head injuries and burns from more general workplace accidents can also cause sight loss, warranting compensation.

From hospital bills to lost wages, accidents and injuries like these can come with a host of financial burdens. If they do not take the correct steps,  injured employees could find themselves out of pocket and worried about their livelihood.

The good news is that under the California Labour Code Section 3700, all California employers must provide employees with workers’ compensation benefits. Eligible employees should be entitled to benefits in the form of medical care, temporary or permanent disability benefits, and supplemental job displacement benefits as needed.

Getting the Help You Need

If you have experienced sight loss due to a workplace accident or injury, you must act fast. The statute of limitations for filing a workers’ compensation claim in California is one year from the date of your job-related injury or illness. If you fail to get your claim in by this time, you could lose your right to much-needed assistance. An experienced attorney will know precisely how to proceed, so you have the best chance of winning maximum compensation for your case. A year is not long to get everything together, so the sooner you speak with an experienced attorney, the better.

You should not let fears of mounting fees stop you from reaching out for the legal assistance you need. There are no upfront costs at The Work Injury Advocate, no consultation fees, and no hourly fees. Our fee is only payable once we have already successfully secured you your compensation.

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