What Is a TBI Claim?

Of the various types of injuries sustained in an accident, few are as serious and disruptive as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries are often devastating and long-lasting, requiring extensive medical treatment and lengthy recovery times. If you suffer from a severe TBI in southern California, you’re likely to be treated at a special facility like the Casa Colina Hospital in Pomona or the Center for Neuro Skills in Bakersfield—both of which may come at an exorbitant cost. How do you ensure you can recover enough in your personal injury settlement to cover the costs of treatment and rehabilitation? Let’s talk about what goes into a TBI claim and what an experienced personal injury lawyer can do for you.

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury occurs when an outside force causes physical damage to the head or brain. These injuries include skull fractures, bleeding in or around the brain, bruising of the tissue surrounding the brain, concussions, and more severe cases such as hematomas or contusions caused by trauma from an object penetrating the skull. TBIs are among the most common types of injuries sustained in vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall accidents, and they happen most often to pedestrians and cyclists who have virtually no protection against an oncoming vehicle.

How Serious Is a TBI?

The seriousness of a TBI depends on various factors, including the force of the impact, the location and extent of any brain damage, and whether or not there is a skull fracture. Recovery from mild TBIs can occur within a few weeks or months, but more serious cases can result in long-term disability or even death. Depending on the severity of the injury and where on the brain it occurs, a TBI may cause mobility issues, memory loss, loss of hearing or eyesight, loss of cognitive abilities, personality changes, and a host of other issues that may result in huge medical bills and affect the victim’s ability to hold a job or perform simple functions.

What Goes into a TBI Claim?

Because a TBI can have such far-reaching impacts on the victim’s life, it’s of critical importance to have an experienced personal injury attorney who can calculate the true amount of loss incurred by the injury and fight to recover enough damages to cover those losses. The types of damages you may be able to recover in a TBI claim include:

  • Medical expenses, including costs of hospitalization, surgery, medication, physical therapy, and other treatments
  • Cost of care (e.g., in-home care for tasks you can no longer do for yourself)
  • Lost wages and future earning capacity (which may be substantial if your injuries render you unable to work)
  • Pain and suffering (financial compensation for the emotional and physical pain caused by the accident, as well as the overall reduced quality of life)

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