Why Back Injuries Are Serious

Everyone knows how serious back injuries can be–even when the trauma that causes them isn’t necessarily severe. An auto accident can crush vertebrae, causing severe pain and disability. But even lifting a relatively small amount of weight in an odd posture, or making a repetitive stoop, twist, and turn, can severely stress and injure the spine. Why are back injuries so common and so serious?

Multiple vertebrae of varying sizes, separated by cartilaginous discs, make up the spine. Cartilage is the only connection between the vertebrae. These intervertebral discs, made up of fibrous cartilage on the outside and a gelatinous core inside, can wear, thin, and tear even with ordinary use. The spine, though, is no ordinary structure. The forces the spine manages can be several times one’s weight or the weight one lifts. Add a little acceleration/deceleration force to the spine from an auto accident or slip and fall, and debilitating back injury can result.

The spine, though, is not just a supporting structure. The nerves that control everything in the body, from the neck on down, pass through the spine and out of gaps or holes, known as foramina, in the vertebrae. A little spinal-cord pinching, or what doctors call impingement, from a thinned or herniated disc, can injure or kill the nerves. Nerve injuries can cause numbness, paralysis, and severe pain anywhere in the body–from the fingertips to the toes and everywhere in between. The lawyers at Accident Defenders know this medical nature of serious back injuries.

Worker’s Compensation

The lawyers at Accident Defenders also know the mechanisms of back injury and how workplace laws compensate for it. Not surprisingly, work causes a lot of back injuries. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders reports that back pain is among the most common reasons for missing work and seeing a doctor. When back pain is the result of workplace trauma, including sudden onset of back pain from lifting, standing, stooping, twisting, or falling, California’s worker’s compensation laws require the employer or its insurer to provide comp benefits.

Comp benefits begin with medical treatment, including examinations, imaging, testing, surgeries, physical therapy, and medications. If your employer or its insurer resists allowing you to choose your medical treatment and care provider for your workplace back injury, then contact the Accident Defenders now. But comp benefits also include work loss of about two-thirds of your average gross wage, capped at about $1,300 per week. In special cases of permanent disability from usual work, California’s comp laws also require education or training for new work. If your employer or its insurer is resisting paying your comp benefits, then get the help now of an Accident Defenders comp lawyer.

Personal Injury

The skilled and experienced lawyers at Accident Defenders also know how motor-vehicle accidents and similar trauma can cause severe back injury. Motor-vehicle collisions cause sudden accelerations and decelerations of vehicle occupants, sometimes from sixty or more miles per hour to zero in nothing flat. The problem, though, is that the body does not move all at once. Instead, the head moves backward and forward, and sometimes sideways depending on the collision’s direction, apart from the body as the seatbelt and seatback restrain it.

That independent back-and-forth motion of the head, neck, and torso can cause crushing injuries to the vertebrae and discs. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Accident Defenders know the mechanics and physiology of back injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents and similar trauma. They know how to medically document and prove those back injuries to insurance claim representatives and jurors.

Our one goal at Accident Defenders is to protect you, including by earning for you the full value of your back-injury claim. We fight throughout the California Basin for those who suffer physical injury, where justice demands compensation. Contact us online or call (323) 818-HURT (4878) for your free initial analysis. Accident Defenders works on a contingency fee, meaning you pay us nothing other than out of what we can recover for you.

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