Will Your Work Still Pay for Your Knee Surgery If You Got Hurt at Work Doing Something Minor?

Knee injuries are among the most common workplace injuries. Knees are constantly overworked and overexerted, especially by those working in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and transportation. If you hurt your knee at work, California workers’ compensation will likely cover the expense of any necessary treatments or surgeries associated with the injury. It doesn’t matter if the incident was as minor as bending over to pick up a box of spilled paperclips – reporting the injury can help build your case for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Pre-Existing Conditions and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Pre-existing conditions can complicate efforts to get work to pay for your knee surgery, of course. For instance, if you have a history of arthritis in your left knee and suffer an injury to the same knee at work, determining workers’ compensation benefits becomes complicated. Under California law, the distinction lies between aggravation and exacerbation.

Say you’re a warehouse worker with osteoarthritis of the knee. If you sustain a knee injury lifting heavy materials at work, this would be an instance of aggravation. You’d be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for the pain and suffering you endured. On the other hand, if you dislocated your knee playing football a decade ago and occasionally suffer pain regardless of whether or not you work, a workplace knee injury may be classified as an exacerbation.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim After a Knee Injury

Employees who injure their knees while on the job are typically eligible for filing workers’ compensation. Whether you experienced bursitis, tendonitis, torn ligaments, or fractures, benefits are usually available – so long as the injury happened while at work. While you might be focused on healing and recovery, it’s important not to neglect California workers’ compensation filing guidelines. Miss a single deadline, and you might miss out on having your knee surgery covered entirely.

The Impact of an Experienced Southern California Workers’ Comp Attorney

Injured workers have the right to pursue compensation to cover their medical expenses and other damages incurred. By consulting with an experienced Southern California workers’ compensation attorney, you can understand the best options for your situation and chart a clear path forward. Attorney Josh Kohanbash and Accident Defenders bring extensive experience and dedication to every case. Contact us today at 323-591-2829 for a consultation or reach out online.

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