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Every job involves some degree of risk, but some are at the extreme level. If we talk about the physical injury risk factors, construction accidents come on the top because of many reasons. Alone in the United States, 10 million workers were employed in construction-related industries in 2019. The construction accident attorney is a specialized professional to handle these matters legally. Some statistics mentioned below will help you in understanding the threat level:-

OSHA Data About Construction Place Accidents:-

  • Construction sites are accountable for 20% of deaths occurring at workplace construction accidents.
  • As compared to all other occupations, construction workers' injury chances are 70% higher.
  • The fourth highest reason for job site fatalities is the construction industry death rate.

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Why do we need to hire a Construction Accident Attorney?

For every construction professional, these stats matter a lot. Some companies try to escape from their responsibility when this kind of mishap happens; this is where Accident defenders come as rescuers! Although construction accidents on sites are very common. On the basis of hazard type, a construction accident attorney can assist you with a suitable solution. Let’s understand the most frequently occurring accident types on construction sites:-

  • Height fall accidents
    We have positioned height fall accidents in the first place because their severity and fatality rates are higher. Issues like inadequate safety equipment and negligence of safety parameters are the reasons why our construction accident law experts always remain in demand. A construction accident attorney can play a very important role in handling such height fall accidents.
  • Demolition accidents
    Demolition routinely takes place and frequently entails the use of explosives, which can put workers in grave danger at construction places. Even though mishaps during demolition are occasionally unavoidable, workers must have the right training and safety gear to reduce the likelihood of dangers. Debris removal accidents can result in burns, lacerations, severe brain damage, shattered bones, paralysis, and even death.
  • Explosion and fire accidents
    Accidents can be caused by leakage of chemicals and gasses, broken machinery, electrical problems, and poor handling of flammable substances. Accidents involving combustion and explosion may result in up to third-degree severe burns. Disfigurement, illnesses brought on by smoke inhalation such as lung issues, and even death on building sites are possible. The contractor, engineer, or another accountable person, accountability lies with the maker of the materials, depending on the details and events that caused the fire. It is our responsibility to make the relevant pirates accountable if any such incident happens to you or your loved ones. A construction accident attorney can help a lot in such a situation.
  • Cranes and earthmovers accidents
    In construction places, earthmovers like bulldozers and cranes are frequently utilized, but they need specialized training to operate. These pieces of equipment need to be used with utmost caution since they can support and carry loads that weigh tons. Despite proper cautions taken, terrible construction accidents that lead to serious injuries or fatalities can still happen due to a lack of training, defective machinery, and equipment malfunctions.

Even if there are some other reasons for workplace injury, our construction accident law firm can assist. Now the question is, what’s so special in hiring a dedicated construction accident attorney?

Why Do We Need to Hire a Construction Accidents Attorney?

There are a lot of possibilities of construction accidents so to handle such cases you need to hire a construction accident attorney. Here are some top reasons why we need to hire a professional from a construction accident law firm.

1) Identify and legally enforce the responsible parties

Numerous accidents that occur on construction sites are the result of complicated scenarios involving unrelated parties to the workers' employer. Consequently, it becomes confusing to identify the actual liable party. An attorney with experience managing cases involving building sites knows what kinds of evidence to collect to establish culpability.

2) Fast claims resolution

Injured workers can prevent needlessly long claims processing by contacting a construction accident attorney as soon as they are hurt. Most claims encounter a backlog when trying to be resolved due to incomplete or inaccurate documentation. Each process step of claiming is coordinated by a construction accident law firm.

3) Negotiation skills

Injured workers can prevent needlessly long claims processing by contacting a construction accident attorney as soon as they are hurt. Most claims encounter a backlog when trying to be resolved due to incomplete or inaccurate documentation. Each process step of claiming is coordinated by a construction accident law firm.

4) Initiate lawsuit

Along with helping with getting a deserving claim on time, our dedicated lawyers can also file a lawsuit regarding construction accidents . If accountability enforcement becomes an issue, the dedicated lawyer will create strong case documentation to ensure the best possible compensation.

5) True claim value guidance

As a worker, you may not be aware of construction accidents true claims. The company may be compensating to less as compared to the severity of the injury. Only an experienced construction accident attorney knows how to calculate the amount by incorporating several unnoticed factors. During recovery, transportation cost, future earnings impact and life quality impact are some aspects that are highlighted by the attorney.

Construction Accident Law in USA

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the main regulatory body accountable for enforcing construction site safety laws. Minor to severe construction site accidents typically result in fatalities. These mishaps may be the consequence of coworkers who are careless or negligent, faulty operational equipment, defective goods, defective machinery, or insufficient safety measures or equipment operation training.

Employers are required to fulfill a number of duties, including providing a workplace free from risks, establishing an extensive hazard communications strategy, and guaranteeing that workers have a safe environment and equipment. During the execution of large projects, multiple parties, including the owners, developer, architectural and prototyping experts, contractors, material suppliers etc, may have to share the claims in equal proportions as per the construction accident law.

Some states have also enforced the doctrine of negligence per se on employers who don’t follow OSHA regulations. Everyone should hire the best Construction Accident Attorney from a Construction Accident Law Firm that follows all the Construction Accident Laws that are legal in the USA.

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