What is Workplace and Employment Discrimination?

In the most simple words, we can understand “employment discrimination” as any type of action resulting in harassment or injustice to an employee. It can be from the side of an employer or top management.

In technical terms, employment discrimination is an action to treat someone differently or less generously for a particular ideology. Although discrimination can take place in offices, workplaces, and public places such as shopping malls and subway stations. You can face discrimination from classmates, professors, coaches, coworkers, supervisors, and business owners.

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Employment Discrimination Stats:-

Glassdoor data has revealed that 61% of employees working in the USA have experienced or witnessed work place discrimination is different ways.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has classified discrimination on the basis of the following factors:-

  • Race/color
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation)
  • Disability
  • Age (age 40 or older)
  • Genetic information

Employment and Workplace discrimination lawyer

The Accident Defenders provide dedicated work discrimination lawyer representing employees across Los Angeles, California who have been victimized by work discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. We are advocates for those who have been victimized because of their age, gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, or other illegal reasons. Our employment discrimination lawyer team has handled cases dealing with age discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace, race and color discrimination, religious discrimination, wage and hour violations and more. Our clients come to us during the most vulnerable time in their lives and we offer them support, compassion and our unwavering commitment to fighting for them. If you are in need of an experienced Los Angeles, California employment discrimination lawyer, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at Accident Defenders through our online form or by calling us at +1-323-818-4878!

What Does an Employment Discrimination Lawyer Do?

  • Assist clients in making them understand relevant employee rights and legal options to take.
  • Conduct deep research on similar discrimination instances to support the case of the client strongly.
  • Prepare documents accurately and file a lawsuit.
  • Best possible assessment on claimable amount value.
  • All types of communications and formal paperwork.

Workplace Discrimination and Employment Discrimination

With the help of some instances, you can better understand the aspects of employment discrimination and the need for hiring a workplace discrimination lawyer. Here are some Wrongful Termination Examples we can consider:
  • Contract Breach
    This could occur if an employer dismisses an employee following a verbal warning only, despite the staff handbook stating that a written form of warning mail or letter is the next step to follow after a verbal warning.
  • Discrimination
    A form of discriminatory activity could include the statement of an employer through an email or paper that includes insulting references to gender or age.
  • Harassment
    If employer or co-working employees create an uncomfortable working atmosphere through their comments or behaviors, regardless of whether their actions are discriminating, this is an instance of harassment.
  • Retaliation
    An instance of retaliation can be defined as the dismissal of a worker who assisted investigators in probing the likelihood of unethical behavior within the organization.
  • Constructive dismissal
    A salary cut or demotion without a legitimate reason is an instance of a constructive dismissal case. Changing the working location without adequate notice timing might also constitute constructive dismissal.
  • Public policy violation
    This instance is relevant to a situation when an employer terminates an employee who is on medical or other emergency leave.
  • Whistleblowing
    When an employee alerts authorities of unfair policies or gathers and submits proof of company misconduct, wrongful termination in this situation is an example of whistleblowing.
  • Illegal activities
    This could be the case if an employer asked an employee to engage in improper accounting procedures, such as manipulating ledger data.
These wrongful termination examples cover almost every situation usually faced by employees. Still, we are open to accepting cases that are beyond conventional practices. You can hire a professional labor and employment attorney to handle such cases in Los Angeles, California.

Things to Consider When Hiring workplace discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles California

An employment discrimination lawyer must have adequate skills to bring the expected justice in the minimum possible time.

Resolution Stats by Gallup:-

Only 54% of employees who reported the discrimination issues got full resolution. Thus, leave no stone unturned when it comes to finalizing a lawyer, or you may lose the ground.

You have to remember some important factors regarding hiring. Go through the list:-

  • Specific niche-oriented experience
    The very first thing to keep in mind while hiring an employment discrimination lawyer is his/her specialization in this particular niche only. How many similar cases they have handled indicated the experience level, not the establishment date.
  • Adequate time to communicate
    When you approach a famous law firm holding expertise in handling employment discrimination cases, always confirm their availability of time. Are you getting assistance from a dedicated lawyer who has adequate time to listen to you and study the case?
  • Capable of simplified explanations
    Legal terms and work compensation are usually complicated enough to confuse any person who is not familiar with the law profession. Are they capable of educating about the case scenario and keeping you updated throughout the process from case filing to verdict? It is a fair approach to maintain transparency between a workplace discrimination lawyer and the client.
  • Check the previous track record
    When they show you a specific niche experience, don’t get influenced easily. Request them to provide the most recent data degrading their success rate. Check reviews and ratings of the law firm on sites like Glassdoor and yelp as an extra step of assurance regarding their credibility.
Hire Accident Defenders and get all these expectations fulfilled. We are just a call away, or you can also approach us through the instant live chat discussion option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can sue your employer with help of labor and employment attorney if anything happens to you illegally. Employer law makes it illegal if you got any discrimination based on race, sex, sexual Harassment, religion, failing to pay earned overtime wages, etc. For more information, contact our expert Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer at 323-818-4878.

When an employer, coworker, or any superior at work discriminates or harasses in the job environment, it is called a hostile work environment. It can be physical, verbal, or visual Harassment. An employment discrimination lawyer can Help!

Each case is different, but in most cases, no. According to law, it requires providing reasonable accommodations to the employee. But It is necessary to work with a skilled lawyer to determine what types of accommodations are available in your right.
If you work more than 40 hours a week and don’t get overtime wages from your employer, you have a right to claim and protect your rights at the workplace. You should get legal help to claim your case if you cannot get any solution by yourself.

If the employer terminates or fires someone without any legal reason can be taken under wrongful termination. If the termination violates state or federal laws or the employer’s written or verbal stipulations, we can consider it a wrongful termination. However, there are exceptions for each case. For instance, an employee cannot be fired based on gender, race, ethnic background, religion, disability, etc. Consult a labor and employment attorney if you are facing such issues at your workplace.

An employment discrimination lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in handling cases related to workplace discrimination. They fight to preserve the rights of employees who have been the victims of discrimination or harassment because of their color, gender, age, religion, handicap, or other protected characteristics. These lawyers investigate claims, gather evidence, and represent their clients in court or during negotiations to seek justice and fair compensation for the discrimination they have faced.
Consider hiring an employment discrimination lawyer when you believe you have experienced unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace based on your race, gender, age, religion, or disability. Our experienced lawyer can assess your case, advise you on your rights, and guide you through the legal process to seek justice and fair compensation.
An employment discrimination lawyer can help your case by offering legal expertise, evaluating the evidence, and guiding you through the complex legal process. They can help you understand your rights, gather relevant documentation, and build a strong case to seek justice and compensation for any discrimination you have faced in the workplace. With their knowledge and experience, they can advocate on your behalf and increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in your discrimination claim.
If you believe you have been a victim of employment discrimination, consider taking the following steps:
  • Document the Incident: Keep a detailed record of discriminatory actions, including dates, times, locations, and individuals involved.
  • Report to HR or Management: Bring the issue to the attention of your company’s HR department or upper management to initiate an internal investigation.
  • Seek Legal Advice: If the matter is unresolved internally, consult an employment discrimination attorney to explore your legal options and protect your rights.
Yes, an employment discrimination lawyer can aid you if you believe you were wrongfully terminated. They can review your case, assess whether discriminatory practices were involved, and guide you through the legal process to seek justice and potential remedies, such as compensation or reinstatement.
In an employment discrimination case, you can seek various types of compensation, including:
Backpay: Compensation for lost wages and benefits from the time of the discrimination until now.
Frontpay: Compensation for future lost wages and benefits if you cannot return to your previous job.
Compensatory Damages: Monetary compensation for emotional distress, pain, and suffering caused by discrimination.
Punitive Damages: Additional compensation to punish the employer for particularly egregious actions and deter future discrimination.
Attorney’s Fees and Costs: Reimbursement for the expenses incurred during the legal proceedings.
To support your employment discrimination claim:
  1. Gather evidence such as emails, text messages, or any written communication demonstrating discriminatory remarks or actions by the employer.
  2. Document instances of differential treatment, witnesses, and relevant dates.
  3. Keep records of any complaints made to HR and their responses.
  4. Collect performance evaluations, pay stubs, and relevant company policies to strengthen your case.
To find a reputable employment discrimination lawyer, consider the following steps:
Research: Conduct online research and read reviews to identify experienced lawyers specializing in employment discrimination cases.
Referrals: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have had positive experiences with employment discrimination lawyers.
Bar Association: Contact your local bar association for referrals and information on lawyers with a solid reputation in employment law.
Initial Consultation: Schedule consultations with potential lawyers to assess their expertise, track record, and compatibility with your case.