What to Do If Sexually Harassed at Work | How Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Help

Do you feel getting compromised sexually to survive your job? If yes, don’t feel left alone because 27,291 is the number of sexual harassment cases filed between 2018 to 2021 only in the United States (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stats). The actual question to strike in mind is, how many of them get justice? Our sexual harassment lawyer team ensures that justice must be served in the form of regained self-respect as well as monetary compensation.

Nobody wants to put their dignity on edge in return for money, but responsibilities sometimes make them helpless. If you or any of your loved ones are going through this situation, it’s time to raise your voice with full potential. The first thing is to understand what sexual harassment is legally and the appropriate steps to take without getting panicked. Let’s get both of these answers first.

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Two Types of Workplace Harassments Defined legally

1. Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

It is a kind of situation when an employer makes employability or benefits contingent on an employee's involvement in unwelcome sexual activity or acceptance of behavior that is abusive or objectionable because of their gender. Sexual harassment includes things like threatening to dismiss a worker for rejecting or complaining about unwanted sexual advances. Another instance would be to offer a raise in exchange for having a sexual connection. Your instance may be similar or different, but our sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles knows how to handle things proficiently.

2. Hostile Work Environment

Hostile workplace cultures Sexual harassment happens when an employer engages in unwanted sexual behavior that is poor enough to affect an employee's ability to perform their job or create a hostile work environment. Depending on the situation, including the type of behavior, how frequently it occurs, and the context of its occurrence, one can determine whether sexual behavior is ubiquitous.

What to Do If Sexually Harassed at Work?

The very first step a victim of sexual harassment should take is to obtain legal counsel. Based on the type and recurrence of the harassment activities, our sexual harassment lawyer can advise the employee to contact the company and execute the sexual misconduct complaint process of the employer. If the report fails to fix the issue, the individual will have the right to take legal recourse.

In certain situations, especially if there is no sexual harassment complaint policy or if the accused is the CEO or another highly-placed person, the worker may not be required to report the matter to human resources, although it is usually recommended.

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Sexual Harassment Claim?

How much time did it take to make you realize that it is sexual harassment? Do you have the courage to raise your voice even after realizing this? Have you finally decided to complain because other victims like you have normalized its reporting like the ( “ME Too”) movement?

Before january 2020, there was a law to report a sexual harassment crime within one year of the incident. However, it was observed that several victims took years to get over this trauma and raise their voices. Thus, the California legislature bodies extended it from 1 to 3 years. If you still come in the category of right-to-sue, hire our sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

Know Your Right:- The federal law of California has restricted employers from retaliation after sexual harassment is reported by an employee.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Representing Victims In Los Angeles

Before hiring us, you must be fully aware of what our sexual harassment lawyer can do. We are the legal representatives of your case. The Accident Defenders agency is an employee-oriented law firm, which means employers are not engaged here. Our team of proficient lawyers knows how to strengthen your case with evidence-based reports. In the following steps, you will come to know how we work:-

  • Consultation to Victim
  • We deeply understand the emotional support needed by a victim suffering from sexual harassment. Thus, we offer to schedule a free consultation session. An experienced sexual harassment lawyer from Los Angeles will be assigned to listen to the case and prepare a convincing legal report on its basis.

  • Case Study and Investigation
  • A dedicated sexual harassment lawyer will investigate your case from all legal angles. Admissible evidence collection, reporting witnesses' statements and studying similar cases are the strategic approaches we consider to ensure the highest-possible compensation.

  • Representing Victim
  • The next step is filing a case and representing you in court. Employers can be held directly liable for the behavior of managers, supervisors and other administrators acting as their agents if the abuse leads to a tangible employment action.

With deserving compensation, our sexual harassment lawyer is also responsible for regaining your dignity. Feel safe once your case is in our hands. We are just a call/email away. Make your first move and let everything on us!