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Have you or someone known suffered a workplace injury & looking for a workplace injury lawyer! Are you wondering about the financial coverage of such a critical medical expense? Worry no more!! Minor or severe workplace injuries call for the expert assistance of a work injury lawyer!!
The structural, functional, and constructional variations of different workplaces can cause major to minor injuries to the workers/employees. In addition, the loss of productivity and wages due to workplace accidents can leave a huge toll on the employee’s financial health. Go through the following mind-altering stats indicating occurrences of work injury in Los Angeles, CA.

    • There were 5,333 fatal workplace injuries in 2019, increasing 2% from the previous year. The incidents included falls, slips, trips, hazardous materials exposure, and much more. The costs associated with workplace injury and death were estimated at $171.0 billion in 2019 throughout California.
    • In the year 2020, 3.2 million workplace illnesses and injuries were recorded all around the US. Whereas the workplace fatalities reached up to 4,764 in 2020.
  • California witnessed the most occupational injuries and illnesses in 2020, with 355,200 occurrences.

Considering the growing number of occupational injuries and fatalities each year, it has become absolutely essential to seek help from a work injury attorney for the worker’s compensation process.

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Table of Contents

  • What are the causes of workplace injuries?
    1. Lifting Heavy Objects
    2. Overexertion or Extreme Exhaustion
    3. Hazardous Materials
  • What Benefits Are Available to Workplace Injury Victims in California?
    1. Temporary disability benefits
    2. Permanent disability benefits
    3. Supplemental job displacement benefits
    4. Medical care benefits
    5. Death benefits
  • What are the advantages of Hiring a Workplace Injury Lawyer in California?
    1. Protect Your Legal Rights
    2. Negotiation With Insurance Company
    3. Affordable Assistance
  • Why Choose Accident Defenders?

What are the causes of workplace injuries?

Workplace injuries are unexpected misfortunes that can especially occur in industrial settings. Although the occurrences of accidents can not be predicted, essential precautionary measures can be taken to prevent any mishappening. Following are the common causes of workplace injuries that may occur if adequate safety norms are not followed in the organization:

1. Lifting Heavy Objects

Carrying or lifting heavy objects from one place to another even inside the premises can also be quite straining. Employees who carry around objects heavier than what they are capable to lift end up spraining, or straining themselves.

What can you do?

Asking for help causes no harm to anyone. In addition, you can also ask the company to provide heavy object transportation equipment like a hand stacker and mobile floor crane.

2. Overexertion or Extreme Exhaustion

Continuously straining yourself with lifting, pushing, pulling, and holding bulky objects can become the major cause of overexertion. Tripping, slipping, or even fainting due to extreme exhaustion can give rise to severe health conditions.

What should be your plan of action?

If you have witnessed machinery malfunctioning or improper implementation of safety standards at your workplace, ask your employer for adequate repair and improvement. In case you are not getting the required assistance from your company, contact a workplace injury lawyer at Accident Defenders for catastrophic injury claims.

3. Hazardous Materials

Mishandling or explosion of hazardous material especially in industries is another dreadful cause of accidents at the workplace.

How can you prevent mishappenings?

Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and read material safety data sheets thoroughly to avoid injuries or fatal workplace incidents.

Employees who find it challenging to get worker’s compensation from their respective firms in case of workplace injuries shall get in touch with Accident Defenders. We have a proficient team of work injury lawyers who can assist you regarding compensation claims and educate you on workers’ compensation state laws in Los Angeles, California. If you are wondering what benefits you can expect as a workplace injury victim, keep reading along to get a deeper insight. A work injury attorney can help to get claim for a workplace injury.

What Benefits Are Available to Workplace Injury Victims in Los Angeles, California?

Employees suffering from injury or illness associated with their job can claim financial compensation for the medical expenses. In case the employer fails to provide workers’ comp coverage, the victims can get in touch with Accident Defenders to get assistance from a well-experienced work injury lawyer. Our work injury attorney can help you to get compensation for your work injury claims.

Whether you have a one-time injury, such as a slip and fall, or a repetitive stress injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, your expenses must be reimbursed under Los Angeles, California workers' compensation.

Here are the benefits of workers’ compensation for workplace injury victims:

    1. Temporary disability benefits
      Temporary disability benefits include financial aid offered for the time you are unable to work during recovery. These are short-term benefits intended to compensate you for a portion of your missed salary or income.


    1. Permanent disability benefits
      Financial assistance benefits for employees who never fully recover from an injury or illness. Since the employee is no longer able to earn their bread, permanent disability benefits assist their living.


    1. Supplemental job displacement benefits
      Supplemental job displacement benefits are unique in the way that they offer certain vouchers which are worth up to $6000 to the victims. These help victims who are unable to return to work or do not fully heal, to be eligible for assistance with skill upgrading or retraining.


  1. Medical care benefits
    Medical care benefits are offered to injured employees for recovering from a workplace injury or illness.

A word of caution:

If a medical facility bills injured workers instead of the employer despite knowing the injury is work-related, seeking the expertise of a work injury lawyer near you is the best option. You can even schedule a free consultation with Accident Defenders for further assistance.

5. Death benefits
The death benefits of a workplace accident are paid to support the immediate family or dependents of the employee. These include burial expenses up to $10,000 in Los Angeles, California and other associated allowances.

Do not forget to go through the below-mentioned unavoidable reasons to hire a workplace injury lawyer.

Advantages of Hiring a Work Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

The employer is bound to pay compensation to their employees in case of a workplace injury or illness under the workers' compensation insurance policy. If you are facing a hard time filing a worker compensation claim, here is how an work injury attorney can make your job hassle-free:

1. Protect Your Legal Rights
Since the compensation laws are quite complex for the layman to comprehend, certain parties tend to take advantage of the unaware victims. On the other hand, the worker’s compensation attorney is educated enough to protect your legal right and ensure that you get your due share of compensation.

2. Negotiation With Insurance Company
Dealing with the insurance company is yet another biggest challenge faced by employees. In order to prevent losing a certain amount of compensation, hiring a workplace injury lawyer is the next logical plan of action. They are proficient to handle your case professionally and generate expected outcomes.

3. Affordable Assistance
If you are doubtful about hiring a workers’ compensation attorney due to added expenses, you must be assured that lawyers at Accident Defense offer affordable services. Although there is a lot more to say about the advantages of engaging a worker compensation lawyer; the ones listed above are just a few.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A work injury lawyer is a legal expert that assists with lawful actions and rights for people who experienced workplace injuries or illnesses. They help these sufferers in filing the compensation claim while taking into account employee rights and relevant rules and regulations.
Whenever you have undergone an injury at your workplace, you must consult with and hire a work injury lawyer in Los Angeles to easily get your compensation. The professional will help you deal with the complexities of the entire process, which might involve denied claims or employer retaliation.
The basic assistance you can expect from a work injury lawyer includes legal expertise, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and representing you in court, which eventually enhances your chances of fair compensation.
The list of injuries covered under work injury laws in Los Angeles is diverse and includes physical wounds, illnesses, repetitive strain injuries, and psychological trauma caused by inappropriate workplace conditions.
After a work-related injury, you must follow these steps:
  • Report the incident as soon as possible
  • Seek medical attention
  • Collect the documents or medication details as evidence
  • Communicate the issue to your employer, and get in touch with a work injury attorney in Los Angeles for expert guidance.
It is always best to report the injury as early as possible. However, you have the time of 30 days to report this. Delaying more can disregard your compensation benefits.
It is possible to file a lawsuit against your employer, but only under certain circumstances, for example, if they neglect your injury-related issues or intentionally misbehave.
Our experts can guide you better by understanding your situation and determining whether or not you are eligible to file a lawsuit.
Some of the common compensations you are entitled to include medical costs, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, disability benefits, and others.
This situation can be handled expertly by a specialized work injury lawyer. If your claim has been denied, you need to consult with our lawyers to know the best options for a successful settlement.
Certainly! A work injury lawyer can familiarize you with the employee’s rights regarding the claim and can assist in taking further legal actions.
Most of the work injury attorneys in Los Angeles structure their fees on a contingency basis. This means the lawyer will receive only a certain part of the compensation if the case is successful.
This timeframe cannot be generalized for all the cases. There are certain factors, such as the complexity of a case and negotiation dynamics. Each case is unique, and you can discuss yours with our experienced work injury lawyers for an accurate estimate based on the specifications of your situation.
Follow these guidelines while considering a lawyer as a reliable option:
  • Check their online reviews.
  • Consult with legal directories.
  • Take into account referrals from trusted sources.
  • Look for their license and experience.
You need to carry your medical documents, emails & other evidence regarding your case communication, the report of the injury, and the statement of the witness.