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Are you terminated from your position, but your employer has not given adequate reason? Indeed, it's referred to as wrongful termination. Seeking assistance from experienced wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles helps you fight injustice. Our firm specializes in employment law; we help you pursue your legal rights.

People who have been unlawfully fired want to know the probable outcomes before suing their employers. If the compensation isn't enough, they believe the stress and legal expenditures aren't worth it. Well, each case is different, so the settlement amount also varies. Plaintiffs have received $5,000 to $80,000; however, some wrongful dismissal compensation might exceed millions of dollars. Our wrongful termination lawyer can best estimate the amount you'll receive based on your case. Contact us right away!

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Factors Affecting Wrongful Termination Settlement Amount

Back pay/front pay

California wrongful termination settlements may include back compensation and front pay. Back pay is the amount a worker would have earned if not unlawfully fired. Front pay helps workers if they need time to find a new job. Generally, the law expects employees to find a new job quickly. An employer might reduce an employee's compensation if they fail to mitigate losses.

Loss of Benefits

A California wrongful termination payout should include lost benefits. An employee adds income or salary to determine the loss of benefits. Losing perks include promotions, bonuses, and health, dental, and insurance premiums. Such losses due to improper termination are considered in a settlement.

Emotional distress

Employees might claim emotional distress compensation. Non-economic losses like emotional anxiety might be harder to recover, so you are required to create a compelling, well-documented case for your wrongful termination claim.

Non-economic damages may include:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety, depression
  • PTSD
  • Reputation damage
In LA, wrongful termination can lead to mind counseling or therapy to deal with a worker's emotional suffering. This work as substantial proof that needs to be shown to our professional lawyers, who will help you to receive the fair settlement

Court and attorney fees

In a wrongful termination compensation, legal fees must also be addressed. In California, a wrongful termination settlement should cover court costs as well as attorney fees.

Punitive damages

Complainants are eligible for punitive damages in particularly extreme circumstances. If the evidence demonstrates that your employer acted unfairly, dishonestly, or maliciously, the court may grant punitive damages. The compensatory damages can be doubled or tripled because they are intended to punish the employer for intolerant behavior.

Wrongful Termination Law and Examples of Wrongful Termination

What Exactly Do You Mean By Wrongful Termination?

In order to claim a wrongful termination lawsuit, it is not enough to simply disagree with your boss' decision to fire you. When a worker is let go in an inappropriate manner or for improper grounds, this is wrongful termination. There are several reasons why you may have been fired that turn out to be illicit. These reasons include:

  • Retaliation
  • Discrimination
  • Breach of Contract
  • When Filing a Workers' Compensation Claim
You can get a sense of the bigger picture by looking at some of the instances of wrongful termination:
  • A worker was fired because of their race & age.
  • Employees who had been diagnosed with a disability and were fired as a result.
  • An employee was let go after reporting sexual harassment.
  • A truck driver was sacked after denying driving in stormy conditions.
  • An employee was let go after making allegations of unfair pay to the manager.
  • Employee dismissed due to mental health problems because of personal issues.
  • A salesperson was subjected to retaliation, demoted, and ultimately fired after complaining about a coworker's illegal behavior.
Thousands of wrongfully fired cases are handled by our litigation attorney. It is not guaranteed that you would be awarded the similar sum that was received by the victim in the past. Nevertheless, the severity of your case has the potential to influence the amount of higher compensation.

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Do you know employers will leave no stone unturned to settle wrongful termination cases for less? To get a fair payout, employees must have well-documented proof. It's because obtaining legal records and proof to support your wrongful termination lawsuit is part of creating a solid claim. Keep in mind to keep a log of events as they occur.

Talk to our knowledgeable California employment law termination solicitor about your wrongful dismissal settlement in a trial. It's even productive to collaborate with our personal lawyers before you head to the court directly.

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