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Brain injury is a significant concern as it can harm the person physically, emotionally, or behaviorally. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is also known as craniocerebral trauma. It is one aspect of deterioration caused to the brain.

As the term itself implies, it's a trauma to the head. This kind of damage may not be seen as visible unlike skull fractures or head wounds. Not only intangible but physical incidents can also lead to traumatic brain damage. However, the impact is way more than one can imagine. Common signs of TBI that alter the normal brain functions are:

Type of brain Injury and their symptoms

Generally, brain injuries occur and respond differently. Below you will find popular kinds of TBIs that help you understand the intensity of each type:

➤Concussion- It's one of the minor traumatic brain injuries but can end up with serious health concerns. It occurs due to a hit to the body that causes the head to move back & forth. Usually, workers who have served in the manufacturing department, mining, or construction projects have faced this issue.

➤Brain Contusion- Assuming a technician meets a car accident, and the head hits the steering may result in brain contusions. Another example can be a fall due to a slippery floor or leakage of a drain pipe. Such accidents can give you a bruise ( a mild type of bleeding under the skin). In the worst scenario, if the bleeding doesn't stop, then you need to get it removed surgically.

➤Penetrating Brain Injury- When an object breaks the skull is called penetrating brain injury. Instances like if an employee suddenly had a car accident, and the glass of the broken mirror entered deeply into the scalp. Hence, causes the skull to crack.

➤Anoxic Brain Injury- This injury occurs due to a lack of oxygen that is necessary for brain functioning. Blood is responsible for carrying oxygen to the brain, and the restriction of blood flow can lead to anoxic brain injury. This sort of brain damage is quite possible in an organization during working hours. Decreased oxygen level is a serious constraint in manufacturing units, and various employees have reported this issue.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Workers’ Comp Attorney

How Can a TBI Lawyer Help You?.

It's the responsibility of the organization to help if any of their employees are hurt during working hours ( whether inside premises or outside). A TBI lawyer helps you get the claim if the negligent actions or wrongdoings are ignored by the management.

Similarly, authorities such as the team lead, team manager, HR, or CEO must be accountable for the traumatic brain injury occurring during office hours. Hence, if such acute concerns are not given adequate attention, then our traumatic brain injury attorney is the right person to look for justice.

Our experts will analyze the cause of the accident. If an individual or company is responsible for the actions, they will support your case and ensure to get a justified claim.

Why Choose Our traumatic brain injury lawyers?

1: Aid in Accumulating Evidence and Build a Robust Case
As you know, traumatic brain injury changes the lives of both the injured person and the people who care for them. Moreover, these cases are very complicated. This foster you to hire our competent brain injury lawyer to create a powerful case that is in favor of the victim.
Hence, solicitors help you get the money and medical care based on individual cases. Reach out to our lawyers to collect indisputable evidence that is a key to revealing the severity of the case in the eyes of the law.

2: Fight for the Highest Compensation
Traumatic brain injuries have the ability to harm your overall health and ruin your quality of life. Our skilled yet experienced lawyer can assist you in determining the extent of your injuries and fighting for the compensation you deserve.
At Accident Defenders, our specialized brain injury litigators will make sure that your compensation covers all of your present medical expenditures as well as all of your future medical costs, such as medical therapies, appointments, transportation, and more.

3: Support Complete Yet Genuine Diagnosis and Treatment
Genuine diagnosis and treatment are vital for recovery. Early detection and treatment will help you recover as quickly as possible. A traumatic injury should only be identified and treated by doctors who specialize in brain injuries.
Our professional relations with renowned physicians, traumatic brain injury surgeons, and neuropsychologists help you get reliable treatment and care. We recommend you choose us to help you connect with our specialists offering the best medical care. This will aid in the quality diagnosis and speed up the process of collecting the most compensation from your insurance company.

4: Lifetime Compensation in Case of Permanent Disability
TBI can be permanent, resulting in irreparable damage from which the victim can never fully recover. In such scenarios, you'll require continuing medical attention and compensation for living.
Fortunately, our legal practitioners assess the whole range of treatment required for someone living with a traumatic brain injury. If your damage is permanent, we will fight to the fullest to receive all of the benefits and compensation you deserve for the rest of your life.

Here at Accident Defenders, our professional TBI litigators make it convenient for you to make a wise decision. So call us today and book your free consultation: (323) 591 (2829)

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