Work Accident Statistics in California

Have you or someone known suffered a workplace injury? Are you wondering about the financial coverage of such a critical medical expense? Worry no more!! Minor or severe workplace injuries call for the expert assistance of a work injury lawyer!!

The structural, functional, and constructional variations of different workplaces can cause major to minor injuries to the workers/employees. In addition, the loss of productivity and wages due to workplace accidents can leave a huge toll on the employee’s financial health. Go through the following mind-altering stats indicating occurrences of work injury in California.

Causes of Workplace injury

Workplace injuries are unexpected misfortunes that can especially occur in industrial settings. Although the occurrences of accidents can not be predicted, essential precautionary measures can be taken to prevent any mishappening. Following are the common causes of workplace injuries that may occur if adequate safety norms are not followed in the organization:

What Benefits Are Available to Workplace Injury Victims in California?

Employees suffering from injury or illness associated with their job can claim financial compensation for the medical expenses. In case the employer fails to provide workers’ comp coverage, the victims can get in touch with Accident Defenders to get assistance from a well-experienced work injury attorney.

Whether you have a one-time injury, such as a slip and fall, or a repetitive stress injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, your expenses must be reimbursed under California workers' compensation.

Advantages of Hiring a Workplace Injury Lawyer in California?

The employer is bound to pay compensation to their employees in case of a workplace injury or illness under the workers' compensation insurance policy. If you are facing a hard time filing a worker compensation claim, here is how an attorney can make your job hassle-free:

1. Protect Your Legal Rights
Since the compensation laws are quite complex for the layman to comprehend, certain parties tend to take advantage of the unaware victims. On the other hand, the worker’s compensation attorney is educated enough to protect your legal right and ensure that you get your due share of compensation.

2. Negotiation With Insurance Company
Dealing with the insurance company is yet another biggest challenge faced by employees. In order to prevent losing a certain amount of compensation, hiring a workplace injury lawyer is the next logical plan of action. They are proficient to handle your case professionally and generate expected outcomes.

3. Affordable Assistance
If you are doubtful about hiring a workers’ compensation attorney due to added expenses, you must be assured that lawyers at Accident Defense offer affordable services. Although there is a lot more to say about the advantages of engaging a worker compensation lawyer; the ones listed above are just a few.

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