Work Car Accidents

From daily commutes to special work trips intended to fulfill employers’ interests, car accidents can happen in any condition. Once you get injured, it collectively affects your health status, financial status and the lives of your dependents too. In case of permanent disability, you may no longer be productive for the existing job title. What if even in the worst possible condition - fatality? Who will take care of those who are left? When such questions arise, a car accident lawyer as a solution comes into mind. But are you aware of the process of how car accident settlement works actually? Let us guide you!

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How do car accident settlements work?

Despite being considered a safer ride than two-wheelers, cars also don’t guarantee your 100% safety.

Work Car Accident Stats:-
The CDC department’s published report has revealed that 24% of all work-related deaths are only associated with vehicle accidents.

Now you can figure out how safe you are in a car while commuting to work! Not every mishap is under our control, but their adverse impacts can be neutralized. Our best car accident lawyers are always available at your service whenever there is a work car accident case to handle. We follow a straightforward approach to executing car accident settlements in Los Angeles. Have a brief look at our stepwise process:-

  • Medical and police report
    In any road accident situation, the very first step to take is seeking medical assistance. Get your medical report and police report because they are the basic requirements for claim filing. There should be no delay in reports preparations to avoid any excuse from insurance companies.
  • Insurance investigation
    On the basis of medical and police reports, the insurance company agents conduct a thorough investigation. In this process, they prepare an admissible report to decide the claimable sum. However, most of them try to reduce the amount and here comes the role of Accident Defenders.
  • Independent Investigation
    If you are not satisfied with the claim amount they have decided, allow us to investigate deeper. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyer will conduct an independent investigation to collect all the unintentionally or intentionally missed factors supporting your claim. Our legal attorney team holds years of experience in this particular niche, so feel assured with our final investigation report.
  • Formal claim filing
    After collecting all crucial proofs for claim filing, it’s our turn to start the formal documentation process. An experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles will be assigned with the duty to create a convincing report and send it to the concerned parties.
  • Negotiation for claim
    We prefer to settle the issue of claim outside the court to avoid time wastage and all other unnecessary harassment. Our court admissible reports will be influencing enough to negotiate things smoothly. Still, if they don’t cooperate, our next step is lawsuit filing.
  • Lawsuit filing (if required)
    With all required legally admissible evidence and witnesses, our best car accident lawyers in Los Angeles will defend your case in court. Along with monetary compensation, we also include the mental harassment compensation our clients face due to the non-cooperation.
  • Making final settlement
    In the end, we finalize a well-deserving settlement as per the degree of your injury and its long-term impacts. From evidence collection to receiving the expected claim amount, we will guide you with every single step taken from legal aspects. The car accident lawyer will explain complex legal terms in layman’s language.

Do You Need to Hire the Best Car Accident Lawyer?

Not every vehicle accident will necessitate hiring an attorney. You will need legal assistance if your wounds are serious, particularly if insurers are giving you the runaround. Bear in mind that in case of getting hit by someone else, their insurance provider will handle your claims, and their purpose is to compensate you as little as possible. Without an attorney, you may be unaware of all of your compensation rights. Additionally, negotiating with insurers may be aggravating, so letting someone professional take charge can be a relief.

Consider us trustworthy companions whenever you find yourself in this situation. Our best car accident lawyers will provide a free consultation regarding all the considerable legal options in Los Angeles. We remain closed on Saturday, but you can utilize the 24X7 live chat communication channel in case of emergency at any time and day!