Roofing Accident Statistics That Threaten Construction Workers’ Lives

When you narrow down the construction industry's risky jobs, roofing comes on the top. Roofing injuries are among the severest ones because accidental slips/falls from altitude have the least chance of prevention from injuries. If we look at the roofing accident statistics, the report presented by “The National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries” highlights some serious concerns. Their 2019 data revealed that 111 out of 5,333 all types of job fatalities were directly related to roofing professionals.

With changing roofing trends, the roofing accident frequency is also increasing. A 2020 report published by the “US Bureau of Labor National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries” stated that increasing demand for solar roof installation had increased the roofers’ fatalities by 15%. This is an alarming concern to everyone involved in the roofing profession. After a mishap incident, a compensation claim is the main concern of every victim. Some companies are responsible enough to make fair settlements; for others, Accident Defenders law firm is here to assist!

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Common Roofing Accident Cases We Address Frequently:-

  • Direct roof falls
  • Ladder imbalance or damage accidents
  • Electrical injuries
  • Equipment malfunctioning or mishandling accidents
  • Defective material injuries
  • Loud noise causes hearing impairment
  • Roofing material exposure diseases
These accident cases indicate that roofing accidents are not just about slip and fall; there are various other reasons making victims entitled to claims. Now we will highlight roofing safety importance in detail.

Key Issues Addressed By Roofing Safety Authorities

Roofing is among the highest risk-involving jobs if you analyze roofing accident statistics. Therefore the government has enforced some regulations to minimize injury and fatality incidents. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulates the safety of roofing professionals by enforcing some standards for all types of work equipment, material and safety gear. Below are the key protection requirements emphasized by the authority:-

  • Fall protection system
  • extension and stepladders protection
  • Falling objects protection
  • Safe disposal of debris
  • Inclement weather protection
  • Electrical hazards safety
  • All types of lifts safety standards
Our Los Angeles roof fall accident lawyers team is proficient enough to examine all these safety aspects while preparing your case critically.

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Filtered expertise in a particular niche of the law profession is the main expectation of every client, and we strive to meet every parameter of satisfaction. The Accident Defenders law firm not only provides “employee-oriented” services but also narrows down the options according to a particular issue. Roofing accident lawyers available here specifically handle this category of cases, so you always remain one step ahead in action, whether it is about filing a claim or a lawsuit. Use our live chat feature to get instant responses from a professional consultant. The Accident Defenders experts team can provide the best Los Angeles Roof Fall Accident Lawyers. We can provide a more personalized experience if you can visit 18345 Ventura Blvd Suite 518 Los Angeles, CA 91356 location or call at (323) 818 HURT. A roof fall accident lawyer in Los Angeles will be assigned to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

After facing a roofing accident, the immediate steps one should take are:-
  • Take medical attention to cure the injuries.
  • Collecting pieces of evidence of the accident site – the condition of the roof and equipment used. If possible, take photos of the place and make the videography.
  • Inform and report the accident to the concerned authorities
  • Take advice from a roof fall accident lawyer – to navigate the legal process, assess potential liability, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue a fair settlement or legal action if necessary.
You should call emergency services immediately for a roofing accident if there is a significant risk to life or if someone is minorly injured. Prioritize safety and well-being, and let professionals assess the situation and provide appropriate assistance.
  • Name and contact details of the concerned parties and witnesses.
  • Detail description of the accident – date, time, location, and if there is any hazardous equipment involved.
  • One should have photos and videos of the place where the accident took place
  • Medical records – test reports, treatment prescriptions, and medical expenses
  • The communication record with the authorities involved
  • Insurance details
When a roofing accident occurs at your workplace, it’s important to notify the appropriate individuals and authorities.
  • Immediate supervisor or manager
  • Safety officer or designated safety representative
  • Human resources department
  • Co-workers and witnesses
  • Occupational health and safety authorities (as per jurisdiction)
The legal implications of a roofing accident can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the accident. However, some potential legal implications include:
Workers’ compensation claims
If the roofing accident was work-related, the victim is eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. The system lets them be entitled to benefits regardless of who was at fault for the accident.
Personal injury lawsuits
In a personal injury lawsuit, the injured person is eligible to recover damages for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.
  • The residential property owner – if the accident was caused by a lack of proper maintenance, failure to address known hazards, or negligence in ensuring a safe environment.
  • If the accident occurred due to the negligence or faulty workmanship of a hired roofing contractor, they are held responsible for the accident.
  • If a roofing accident was caused by a defect in the roofing materials or products used – the manufacturer of those products.
  • Property owner/employer
  • If the owner/employer appoints any manager or if any management company manages the building,
  • If the accident happened due to the involvement of a third party, i.e., roofing contractor, or negligence by repairing personnel.
Fulfilling a claim as soon as possible is advisable to resolve the issue. However, it is mandatory to settle the claim within 85 days.
A roof fall accident lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in handling cases related to roof fall accidents. They have expertise in personal injury law and premises liability, specifically focusing on cases where individuals have been injured or harmed due to roof falls.
  • They investigate the accident to determine what happened and who is responsible and gather evidence, such as police reports, medical records, and witness statements.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.
  • And if the situation requires, they fill a lawsuit on your behalf.
You should hire a roof fall accident attorney as soon as possible after you become victim to a roofing accident.
The help you get the compensation related to:
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Damages for physical and mental suffering
It varies according to the circumstances of the case; some get resolved in weeks to months. While our experienced team of Accident Defenders do their best to resolve your case in the minimum possible time.
The cost of hiring a roof fall accident lawyer can vary depending on a number of factors, including the experience of the lawyer, the complexity of the case, and the jurisdiction where the case is filed.
Accident Defenders takes pride in having a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers who are dedicated to assisting clients with roof fall accident cases. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury law and have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients.