What is Catastrophic Injury and Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries?

Some injuries heal with time, and some remain integral to your identity. When these major injuries become a reason for your disability and survival difficulty, things get worsen. If such kind of mishap happens to you at the workplace, it is the accountability of your employer to compensate accordingly. If they don’t, we are here to enforce it legally. The catastrophic injury lawyer team at Accident Defenders has a long experience in dealing with cases affecting the lives of catastrophic injury survivors. If you or your loved ones are also through such a traumatic condition and need legal assistance, let us help.

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Understanding Catastrophic injury

Serious brain, spinal cord, or spine injuries are referred to as "catastrophic injuries," which can also involve fractures. This is a subclass of the American Medical Association's (AMA) definition of the word "catastrophic injury," used in legal contexts. Workplaces involving physical activities mostly reported issues of catastrophic injuries. The top reasons are:-

  • Negligence
  • Use of malfunctioning tools
  • Inadequate safety measures
  • Hazardous environment
Our catastrophic injury attorney will assist you with every possible legal aid to get the deserving compensation in these situations. Even if the case is more complex than normal, just talk to us.

How Much Can a Catastrophic Injury Cost?

Healthcare plans for victims of catastrophic accidents outline their ongoing and anticipated healthcare requirements and associated costs. Detailed information about the services, assistance, equipment and care costs required by the affected victim as a result of their injuries is provided. The following are the types of expenses associated with catastrophic injuries that are covered:-

  • Contemporary and Future Health Care
  • Future Directions in Mental Health Care
  • Fees Related to Healthcare Received at Home
  • Adaptations to the home to allow for wheelchair access
  • Costs associated with alternative modes of transportation
  • Accommodation
Our catastrophe claims adjuster deeply evaluates your health condition to figure out an amount covering all the expenses related to your catastrophe claims. You just need to provide accurate information regarding the case to our catastrophic injury law firm representative and feel rest assured.

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