Strange but True Ways People Have Gotten Physically Injured at “Office Jobs”

Generally, people who work at manufacturing and construction sites face the highest risk for a workplace injury. Being around heavy machinery, hazardous substances, and other similar dangers is commonplace at a manufacturing or construction job. Those who work in office jobs, however, are not immune from being hurt at work; they just have different dangers to watch out for. Many workers across Los Angeles, San Diego, and other areas around Southern California suffer injuries at office jobs that can end up in compensation. If you were injured at work, then make sure you speak to an attorney right away.

Common Office Job Injuries

The most common type of office job workplace injury is a fall. Falls at office jobs can occur in many ways. An office worker could hurt themselves by tripping over:

  • A cable or electrical wire
  • Loose carpeting
  • A hidden step
  • An object in a walkway
  • Uneven ground

Other, more uncommon ways office workers are injured include lifting something too heavy or sitting in an unhealthy position for too long. Employees are even hurt by using common office items such as scissors, staplers, and glue. Some office employees are injured by workplace violence, leading to intentional tort and criminal charges for the aggressor. During the pandemic, employers and employees have become increasingly focused on health as people can more easily get sick from others at work. Even though office settings are not considered inherently dangerous as manufacturing or construction jobs, serious injuries occur. When people are injured in the workplace, they should be compensated for their injuries and time missed from doing their jobs.

What Type of Compensation is Available?

The most common type of compensation available for a workplace injury or illness is workers’ compensation. In California, the workers’ compensation system was designed to provide benefits to employees who have been hurt at work. Your employer is required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all employees in case of workplace injury. Two important parts of California’s workers’ compensation coverage are medical benefits and disability pay. Medical benefits include all reasonably necessary medical costs and treatment to recover from a workplace injury. Disability pay under the California rules allows you to receive a rate of 2/3 of your normal pay if your injuries cause you to miss more than three days or work or go to the hospital. If your injury was caused by workplace violence, then you may have cause to file an intentional tort lawsuit.

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