Suffering a Knee Injury? Your Boss May Make You Work

When you’re managing a severe knee injury, it may be readily apparent to you that you can’t take on any physical labor. You may not even be able to walk comfortably (or at all)!

Unfortunately, your boss may not see things so simply. While your job may provide you with time off and medical treatment, it can be expensive to give you these benefits. Your absence could cost your team time and productivity. As a result, your boss could place pressure on you to return to work prematurely.

The Stakes of Working Too Soon After Your Workplace Accident

Once you get hurt, your first priority is likely healing and recovery. When you meet with a physician to start that treatment, you will receive an evaluation that results in a specific disability rating. That rating will influence your likely grace period before you need to return to work. The various ratings include temporary or permanent duration, and total or partial disability.

Every time you meet with your treating physician, you will receive an updated disability rating as you heal. Towards the end of your rehabilitation process, your doctor may give you a medical release to work with restrictions. Those restrictions can include limitations on your work hours or the types of work actions you can take on. Later, your physician may determine that you have reached maximum medical improvement. From an insurance point of view, this may mean that it’s time for you to get back to work.

When that happens, your boss could very well ask you to come in, regardless of your readiness. Even if you don’t feel ready, you may lose your workers’ compensation benefits if you don’t show up.

However, you should know that returning to work too early (and placing unneeded stress on your healing joints) can result in further damage and even permanent injuries.

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