Car Crashes on the Job: How Will You Be Compensated?

In California, hundreds of thousands of workers experience injuries while on the job each year. Those familiar with Southern California roads probably are not surprised to learn that many of those injuries occur due to car accidents.

Car accidents can result in physical and emotional injuries that can impact almost every aspect of your life – including your ability to work. After a car crash on the job, you may be entitled to a monetary settlement that will help cover your medical expenses and mental health counseling, as well as any lost wages due to the inability to work. Unfortunately, many workers in the Tarzana area may not realize this sort of compensation is available to them after an accident, especially if they were driving their personal vehicle when the accident took place.

As a worker, you have certain legal rights and protections when you are injured on the job. Whether you were driving a company vehicle or carrying out your work in a privately owned car, you may be wondering how, or even if, you will be compensated after a collision. The attorneys at Accident Defenders, founded by Joshua R. Kohanbash Esq., have years of experience with workplace injuries and are passionate about helping workers who have been injured in at-work car accidents get the highest value for any accident claim.

Proceed with Caution

Unfortunately, after a collision, it can feel like second nature to apologize for the accident, even if you were not at fault. You may also feel the urge to decline medical care at the scene or downplay any injuries you may have received in the crash. It is important to understand such actions can work against you when it comes time to determine any injury settlement – and could significantly reduce the compensation you ultimately receive.

Before talking to any company or insurance representative, who may try to get you to say something you should not or push you into accepting a smaller check, it is important to get the advice of an attorney with experience representing workers who have been injured after a car accident on the job. After this kind of accident, with the potential long-term consequences of any related injuries, it is essential to protect your rights to support and compensation. The right attorney can help ensure that you receive the most favorable settlement possible.

Get the Right Representation

Accident Defenders’ founding partner, Joshua R. Kohanbash Esq., started his career as an insurance defense attorney. He knows how insurance companies work – and why, too often, it is the little things that can get in the way of a fair settlement. As someone who now fights for injured employees, he is passionate about helping his clients get the monetary damages they deserve after an accident.

If you have been injured in a car accident on the job, Accident Defenders are prepared to help you get the strongest possible settlement. To learn more, contact us at 323-818-HURT (4878) for a confidential consultation.


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